Thursday, May 7, 2009

All Ears for Mother's Day

Ok, so this is the LAST Mother's Day post, because after today it will be far too late to order anything for your mom and she will be soooo disappointed in you and you'll live with guilt forever and ever, the end.

But I just had to mention this so cute coffee/tea cup. It's so fanciful (and yet practical) with its little ears instead of handles. Just like you're all ears for whatever your mom has to say, right? Plus, this cup is part of Moma's new Brazil line (all the products hail from this South American nation), which means that no one else will have it yet. Scarce and cute is always a good thing. You could even throw in a pound of superior coffee or a box of premium tea, just to gild the lily.

Order this witty cup and saucer at And then say goodbye to Mother's Day 'til next year.

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