Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mean Green Jellybean Travel Theme

Visiting season is rapidly approaching. You know, the warm (or even sweltering) summer months during which transplanted east-coasters and mid-westerners travel to their native lands. You must know at least one transplant, getting ready to brave the chaos of the skies and the tyranny of the carry-on bag.

There's not much to do about flight cancellations, but you can supply the carry-on. Take this green Jellybean carry-on suitcase, for instance. This hard-shelled little gem (I personally think it looks more like a turtle than a bean), fits perfectly into the lilliputian bins airplanes supply for luggage. It may look small, but you can stuff at least four days worth of clothes into it. The glossy shell guarantees no one will crush your belongings. And it rolls with unparalleled ease. In short, it's everything anyone would want in a carry-on. Plus, there's that kelly color. NEVER lose track of luggage again.

I believe it comes in screaming yellow as well as the aforementioned green. Find it stowed away at And send them homeward in style.

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