Friday, May 15, 2009

Adore Le Chat Decor

Redecorating, in this time of thrift, is often not the happy lark it used to be. And when you're redecorating your kid's room, you really DO have to wonder if it's worth the cash. Here's a quick, inexpensive (although rather image-specific) solution for a girl's room.

These are basically big stickers you apply to the wall. Called Guinot Wall Cats, these sleek felines, in various states of action and repose, can stalk about your daughter's (or son's, whatever) room. These aren't creepy Halloween, unlucky black cats. Rather, they're refined francophiles who act as gentle companions. Ok, maybe that's a bit much; they're just very cool wall art. And did I mention they just stick right on, so you can make a little fun afternoon project out of the redecorating, to boot.

The Wall Cats are an exclusive product found only at As temporary decor, they're just purrfect.

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