Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pygmy Picnic

Although ostensibly picnics are supposed to be casual and carefree, there's no real reason to not inject some organization and whimsy into the mix. Especially when you're buying a gift for a constantly barbeque oriented friend who always has outdoor events.

So here's a condiment corral that's honestly adorable. The little picnic table and benches holds unbreakable plastic bottles of mustard, catsup, salt and pepper. It'll look great in the middle of kid and grown-up tables alike.  And it works with virtually any outdoor theme (except, perhaps, some ladies' tea, but then why would anyone need condiments with fussy crust-off sandwiches, anyway).

The little picnic ensemble includes the bottles (your gracious friend/hostess will have to perform filling function herself). Locate it at

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