Friday, May 8, 2009

Their Own Small Country

Every child would like their own small country. But some, little control freaks that they are, actually NEED their own fiefdom. 

This personalized map by Kidlandia (shown at right is "Amiland") at least gives them some hope. Just go onto the website, fill out a quick form, and Kidlandia will create and print the perfect personalized map for little Conor or Ava or Lola (Lolandia???). It's a pretty cool way to decorate a room for a child who already thinks the world revolves around them. I suggest hanging a real map of the US or the world next to it, just so the kid can get a grip on reality.

It may even be possible to convince the geographic wizards at Kidlandia to fashion your child's very own continent. Check it out at And map your kid's personality in living color.

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