Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fleabag, Schmeebag

No, this entry has nothing to do with your dog. In fact, this entry, unlike virtually all the others on Find a Toad, is a rant about a product I find, frankly, absurd and an affront to shoppers everywhere.

I realize there's money to be made from this new era of parsimony. I'm willing to accept, and even embrace, the idea of cutting back on wants and needs, become fiscally and environmentally responsible, and shop with consciousness. But this product takes all that and distorts it in a particularly cynical way. 

Meet the "Fleabag," a kind of handbag "responsibly" manufactured in New York City of "non-toxic" substances (you know how poisonous the ordinary handbag can be; my daughter almost died from opening mine just the other day). I'm all for American-made products, but this bag, monikered the "Fleabag" because it's supposed to tote your bargain-priced flea market purchases, is "responsibly" priced at only... $395.00.

What is going on? How could anyone, anywhere, think that this Fleabag (unlike a homeless puppy) is a good purchase? Who buys a four hundred dollar bag to take to the local flea market? But just wait: you'll see half a dozen dopey celebrities marching proudly around with this thing prominently displayed for the camera, feeling virtuous about their "responsible" expenditure. All I have to say to that is: Bitch... please.

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