Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Have Tripod Will Travel

So, how many times have you and your friends gone on a trip, intended to take lots of pictures, and ended up with a sad scattershot assortment? Forget complete group pics (please don't count the ones taken by the eye-rolling waiter at the restaurant booth), because someone has to hold the silly camera.

Well, no more. This tiny tripod holds that silly little camera, atop any bottle, for easy all-inclusive group snapshots. And since someone in the group will always be a hydration freak (requiring many many bathroom stops), their ever-present water bottle can now serve a new and noble purpose of holding the tripod. It's easy and brilliant and takes up next to no luggage space.

Of course, now you (or some other tech genius) will have to learn how to program the timer on the camera to actually nail a decent group shot. For that, I have no advice except "good luck." Find the bottletop tripod at

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