Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cake Trio

There seem to be many, many birthdays. And they require, of course, many many cakes. Why not send your long-distance birthday person three cakes?

Coffeecakes, that is, from Zingerman's famous deli and bakery in Michigan. "Coffee cake," you ask. "Coffeecake isn't for birthdays." Well, I beg to differ. This coffeecake has been praised to the stars by none other than Mario Batali. Their coffeecakes keep for about a week after being unwrapped, and can last months in the freezer (for year-round birthday celebrations). Plus, the flavors are all awesome: classic sourcream, hot cocoa (deep dark chocolate that's not too sweet), and a lime and coconut version perfect for warmer temps. They are simply delectable.

Rush this tantalizing trio to the lucky birthday boy or girl by speedy jet; order thc coffeecakes at www.zingermans.com

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