Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Give Your Momma Some Obama

Before this post goes any further, let me just say that if your mother voted for McCain, you can stop reading now because it's probably a waste of your time. However, many of us have mothers (whether we agree with them or not; I'm trying to be fair here) who developed "consciousness" in the 1970's, worked for equal rights, fought for civil rights, and were downright elated (and relieved) when Obama won last November. This Mother's Day gift is for them.

This super cool, very loud and official Obama plate is quality commemorative Obama merchandise. It's a collector's item. It's something your liberal mom can either serve cheese off of or hang prominently on her kitchen wall. It's true political art that'll last way longer than the average flowers. All in all, a swell gift for a certain type of mother.

Locate this fine china at And make a political statement (and celebration) this Mother's Day.

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