Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Slug of a Different Color

A slug of coffee, that is.  Or maybe tea. 
Whatever.  The graphic (arts), creative people in your life are usually wandering around with a mug of caffeinated beverage permanently attached to their hands.  With this gift, they can combine work with reinvigoration.

These mugs feature Pantone color swatches.  Pantone is the official color wheel of choice for virtually every graphic endeavor.  They're classic.  Bright.  Pretty.  Pleasing.  And the mugs are good-sized to hold a good supply of whatever good stuff the artist wants to imbibe.  And, until quite recently, they were only available in the EU.

Pick up the mugs at  They also feature an espresso set in various Pantone shades of brown, really cute for the continental creative director in your life.

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