Monday, December 8, 2008

Compliments of Secret Santa

Ah, the annual office ritual of the Secret Santa.  What a beloved tradition: pull some random co-worker's name out of a hat, and get them a fun gift that costs under $15 (plus, it has to be office appropriate.  No fart jokes, no sexual innuendo, no profanity... you get the drift).

What to do?  Why not combine nostalgia with a little self-esteem building?  The Affirmation Ball is like a classic Magic 8 ball, but evolved for the deeply insecure.  Forget cryptic answers to pressing questions.  This perpetual happy face of positivity only gives good news, like "You have minty fresh breath!"  Stuart Smalley couldn't do any better.

You can find this happy (and cheap, just eight bucks) little item at  It's just Secret Santa's way of saying, "Yes you can!"

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