Monday, December 1, 2008

Client Nibble

Client gifts are tough.  You know they are, since every year you receive a mountain of 6 million calorie Mrs. Beasley's Muffins, a bushel of grease-covered popcorn, and enough cheese and salami that you couldn't hide it if you worked for the FBI.  

The holidays are working against you for sure, both in the clientele giving and receiving categories.  But in the case of female clients, anyway, there's a way to give something sweet without the collateral thigh dimple damage.

These super cute pendants are gold dipped representations of real snacks you might actually want.  You can choose from sweet (a cupcake) or salty (a pretzel), depending on your client's food fetish of choice.  And you can explain your gift choice in a witty card, while subtly putting down all those other food whores who went for the real thing.

Hop over to and order some junk food.  Everyone (thighs included) will thank you.

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