Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Self Creation

There are those who live to do projects, and those who run screaming at the sight of a hot glue gun.  This present is for the former.

Normally, I'm against giving personalized gifts.  They seem cheesy and lazy, not to mention looking disturbingly like something out of The Preppy Handbook.  But this personalized key chain is different.  It's really a project.

And no hot glue gun is required!  This needlepoint-it-yourself key chain kit comes complete with stencils of the entire alphabet, so your busy bee friend can label the thing with whatever letter. Completed, it looks cute and homespun in an Etsy way, not an annoyingly perfect Martha Stewart fashion.  

Order the handy dandy kit at www.curiousityshoppeonline.com.  And keep their idle hands needlepointing away this holiday season.

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