Friday, December 26, 2008

Taurus, Toro, Bull

Another holiday season has just ended.  The candles have burned (maybe at both ends), Santa is taking a much-needed vacation at Club Med, and you're given the needle-strewn task of dismantling the tree and overloading recycling bins all over town with holiday remnants.  But it's not done yet.

You still have New Year's!  And hostess presents!  And yes, while a bottle of booze is always an acceptable gift, it's not the only one to proffer. How about a New Year's bull?

This sweet yet dignified bull bookend fits the year's end perfectly.  It lovingly supports all the novels and cookbooks your hardworking hostess received for the holidays.  It looks beanbaggy and friendly on the shelf.  And it adds that wishful longing for the coming year: a bull market.  You can definitely toast in the New Year to that.

Order him at  He might be a bull, but this gift sure isn't.

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