Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Goy Toy for Christmas Joy

Admit it.  When you think "Christmas," you envision some Tudor home embellished with twinkly lights and graced with everything that is traditional.  But there are actually Christian modern homes aplenty.  With residents throwing holiday parties.  And you need to bring something cool.

Here's an idea.  Help them celebrate the big J.C. in a mid-century modern fashion with this ultra-stylish nativity scene.  The manger has a Hollywood Dome appeal.  The major players look a little like Weebles.  And it's small enough to display on the Eames coffee table instead of the front lawn.

If you really love the party throwers, throw in this literary extra: Lamb by Christopher Moore.  
Definitely the funniest take on the life of the Christ ever.  And an irreverent Yuletide accompaniment.

Find the book at, and the nativity scene at  It'll make Christmas come alive.

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