Friday, November 28, 2008

For Your Favorite LA Face

Yes, this is a geographically specific gift.  But it's such a pleasure and an indulgence, I felt driven to post it.

Stress.  Hormones. Gunky air.  It all leads to that unfair result: zits galore and a clogged complexion.  But I have the Los Angeles solution to lousy skin: Arielle at Club Prive.  Arielle is a facial wizard.  Her 90 minute treatment (in a dark, quiet room) will relax even the twitchiest of stressballs.  Not only does Arielle manage to cleanse every pore, she massages faces with hot rocks for what seems like a blissful eternity.  Her products are French and smell fabulous (and hey, those French women drink and smoke and still look wonderful, so they must know something we don't).  

Club Prive is in an extremely private location in Westwood. There's plenty of parking and it's NEVER noisy.  I vote it as the best facial experience in LA, and a perfect gift for a very special and worried friend.  Or, hell, for yourself if you can wrangle someone into giving you a treatment.  'Cause beauty costs.

Dial Arielle at Club Prive: 310-470-4708.

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