Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fiddlehead Ferns On the Roof

If you live in a super urban environment like New York, you know that outdoor space is often at a premium, and is often in the sky.  The city rooftop garden is considered an ultimate apartment dweller dream come true.  In fact, they're so nice, even those of us with decks and yards envy hardcore urbanites their verdant aeries. 

Until now.  Check out this concept: a planter designed just like a lilliputian tenement, complete with its own rooftop garden. You plan your mini landscape.  You plant the plants or sow the seeds.  You can even add dollhouse deck furniture if you desire the diorama effect.  And then you watch your very own rooftop garden grow.

If this planter is too big or out of your price range, check out the drain grate planter instead (not as luxurious, but witty).  You can find both at  

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