Monday, November 24, 2008

NOT for the Birds

Usually Thanksgiving and holiday decor is fairly limited and lacking in wit.  There's the squat fake turkeys roosting on the dining room table.  Or twee miniature pilgrims gathering for their donated feast.  And don't get me started on the ridiculous gourd displays (why, god, why?).

One of the great things about Thanksgiving (and the holidays generally) in a warmer clime is having the outdoor space.  And I have the perfect decorative item for that mid-century modern patio or spanish hacienda courtyard.  Present your hostess (or yourself, if you've been tapped with bird duty this year) with a flaming birdhouse outdoor candle.

Available in a completely season appropriate autumnal brown, these flaming birdhouses on stakes will decorate your yard for the holidays and beyond.  They're a riff (albeit a tasteless riff) on the LA fire season.  They're also a reminder of your entree's noble fate.

You can find the flammable birdhouses at  And if you're indulging in tofu this year, think of them as a turkey protest statement.

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