Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lofty Luddite

It seems clear to me that if you're reading this blog, you're probably not opposed to technology.  After all, computers and mobile phones, high definition tv and internet dating, Bluetooth enabled cars and Facebook "friends" are all just part of your everyday landscape.  But what about the technological misfits?

You know who I'm talking about.  The stubborn people who still use a typewriter.  They still have their answering machine with its original cassette tape intact. Caller ID?  What's that?  And for them, the Internet is something someone named Al Gore invented to steal their identity, send them emails from African government officials and get them addicted to porn.  None of that newfangled technology for them, thanks.

They are the Luddites.  And you can't change them.  But you can give them something to make their rigid little hearts beat a little faster.  Designer Gary Gibson opened his loftlike showroom in Los Angeles partially because he loved to collect things.  And his collections are firmly
 rooted in the deeply nostalgic past.  Check these out:
  • How about an entire array of old oil cans (looking very much like a Tin Man tribute)?  
  • A set of much used wooden mallets (originally from the midwest)  
  • One of the more interesting old items I found was a display of old sprinkler faucet handles, which were everywhere in the 1970s but disappeared with the advent of watering timers.  
Everywhere I looked, Gibson's store harkened back to a past where Luddites still long to tread.

Gibson's web site ( shows off art, furniture and interior design too.  He gets in new old stuff frequently, so you can always contact him through the site for the newest goods for your oldest (or oldest-seeming) friends.

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