Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tiny World

Everyone has control issues.  But, for some, it reaches the point where they really need their own tiny world.  

Enter the Ecosphere.  These self-contained, fully operational ecosystems have been around for a while.  Inside a glass ball or sphere, you'll find sea water, tiny red shrimp, algae, rocks, and sticks for scenery.  Given a modest amount of sunlight every day, this tiny world will produce its own oxygen, grow its own food source, feed the shrimp, and keep everything at a comforting status quo.  The crustaceans can live for years in there, happily nibbling and frolicking in their shrimpy way.

Now, it's true that your dictatorial friend might not be able to control everything in his Ecosphere.  There's no critter control and no high drama.  But he can make sure the sun rises and sets every day, and that's pretty much as godlike as it gets.  

A caveat: these worlds are fragile, so don't let kids or pets near them (one good shake is an unnatural catastrophe).  
Mail order them at www.eco-sphere.com.

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