Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Boozy Bonsai

Ah, citified oenophiles.  They love a fine vintage, but live out of town.  You could send them a fine bottle or two, but that carries risk.  Temperature changes, sloppy shipping, and misplaced packages can turn the finest wine into unpalatable vinegar.

So maybe shipping actual nectar of the vine isn't such a good idea (and, god knows, these people have every glass and decanter known to man).  What to do?  Send them their own vineyard.

Well, on a micro level.  With this lovely grapevine bonsai, they can at least pretend they're residing in Napa (on their balcony).  This actual cabernet grapevine is not only adorably reinterpreted as a tree, come harvest time it'll produce actual wine grapes.  And what your boozy friends do with those grapes is their business.

You can find Bacchus's favorite gift pick at www.vivaterra.com.  It'll last way longer than any wine buzz.

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