Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sending Home the Bacon: Smoke for the Foodie

Buying for a foodie can be a challenge.  Let's face it: they've already bought every kitchen gadget known to man, they're on all the food blogs and know all the latest food trends.  And forget about trying to treat them to a great dinner somewhere, since they've been there and done that six months ago.  Yeah, I live in Los Angeles, where this all might be a bigger problem than in, say, Peoria.  But I'm sure you have someone on your gift list with a food fetish.  Everybody does.

So here's the thing: forget super-gourmet.  It's a waste of time.  Go for some old-fashioned Heartland-of-America nostalgia factor.  Give them some pig.  And not just any pig.  After sampling my trayf-ridden way through plate after plate of bacon, I've concluded that Nueske's is number one.  Made in Wisconsin, it shrinks less (more swine for the table), and its smoke flavor beats all hell out of anything else on a Sunday morning.  Forget those "bacon-sampler" packages you can find online at various foodie sites, too.  While those packages may contain some Nueske's, I see no reason to waste taste bud action and shipping costs on anything but a box full of the real thing.

Go to their site at and design your own porky package.  Anything is fabulous.  Just make sure to include some of their canadian bacon, a sure-fire smoky addition to everything from frittatas to bean soup.  It'll make them squeal.

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