Friday, June 5, 2009

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

That's what they say, anyway. Some of us wouldn't know anything about that, since we gulp our hot, sugary coffee first thing in the am and then wait until severe blood sugar issues set in later. But, one must set a good example for one's kinder, so here's a gift to help them learn the value of a healthy start in the morn.

These Yummy Breakfast keychains offer friendly, wide-eyed and alert examples of breakfast for children. Los Angeles kid fashion demands the keychains be attached to backpacks for prominent public display, either switched out regularly or in multiples. There's a wide variety of breakfast options offered, from the typical milk to the unhealthy yet satisfying donut to the college-bound pizza slice. And here's the fun part: this is a blind assortment. Every time you give a little box of Yummy Breakfast, its contents are a mystery. The goal is to collect them all, but it would probably take a while, so this gift has some serious legs.

Locate Yummy Breakfast keychains at Hey, they're only five bucks, so why not order up a teachable moment?

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