Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camp Prep for the Gifted

This is a product I truly wish I'd heard about, say, two weeks ago. It would have saved much time, steamy ironing and ink stains. Oh, well. My loss is your gain. If, that is, you're preparing to send your child off to sleepaway camp.

Honestly, the prep involved in readying your kid for three weeks of independent fun defies belief. Everything needs to be labeled with your progeny's name. But every item appears to require a different type of label. And after wrestling with the iron for an afternoon, I can honestly say that those iron-on labels are a failure. 

Enter Stikins. These super-adhesive stickers come in different sizes and stickiness for different uses. There's no ironing necessary (thank god, because if you thought slaving over a hot stove was the pits, try a hot iron on an early summer's afternoon). And all you have to do is order your assortment of sizes and types with the child's name. It's so easy, it's criminal.

This being said, you'll still have to pack the trunk, mail it off, and undergo the maternal stress of sending your kid off into the blue yonder solo. At least you won't be crying about the labeling job anymore. Find the stickers at www.LabelLighthouse.com.

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