Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cookie for Tushies

Sometimes there's an item that's just so cute, I have to promote it. Generally, I think there are too many decorative pillows in the world (and especially on people's living room couches, preventing me from sitting down). But this one is great and serves multi-gifting uses, from a new baby to a wedding present.

This is one big fortune cookie. Made of recycled felt (from plastic bottles), it's soft and squishy yet still entirely representative of what it's supposed to be in all its cookie glory. It even has a pocket, so you can craft your own "good fortune" message and stuff it in there. Later in the pillow's life, this pocket will become the repository for all sorts of things, some welcome and some literally leftovers. But, for now, the pocket is a great opportunity for personal communication.

This incredible pillow of good fortune is available through Diffraction Fiber at etsy.com. This company also makes a great fried egg version if you want a savory companion.

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