Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pac Man Fever

This is probably not a news flash for anyone, but Father's Day is this Sunday. Easily the most frustrating of gifty holidays, since Dad is always notoriously difficult to gift. Luckily for many, Dad is also immature, so this present might suffice far better than that Vineyard Vines tie you were considering.

I'm talking Pac Man. Remember the classic video game (if you don't, chances are your Dad does, and has played his fair share). This little yellow big mouth has been gobbling ghosts since the 80's, and can now reside in your Dad's kitchen. The funny Pac Man potholder is tough as nails, thanks to super heat-resistant silicone construction. Dad could even use his little friend for barbecuing. Or, he might just run through the house, terrorizing his kids/grandkids with it. His choice.

The thing this gift doesn't include is the classic Pac Man beeper theme song. You'll have to download that ringtone for your father's cell if you require musical accompaniment. Find Mr. Man at

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