Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Forecast Teller

The weather is an ongoing source of fascination for just about everyone, but especially for children. What to wear in the morning, whether they'll be able to play outside at school or camp, these are huge happenings in the life of a child (even in maddeningly predictable L.A.). And with the spectre of global warming looming over our kids, weather forecasts are even more intriguing.

So, gift your favorite kid their very own weather station. This nice, neat, horizontal model looks unobtrusive with any decor, and gives burgeoning weathermen (and women) a glimpse into their meteorological future. It clearly displays the immediate temperature, the barometric pressure, humidity, and even boasts a cute graphic of sun, clouds, rain or snow. There'll be no more guesswork on the daily outfits (you know: long sleeves and heavy leggings on a 90 degree scorcher). And they'll learn the basics of just how the weather works.

Locate this teachable moment at www.bedolwhatsnext.com. The forecast is clear.

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