Friday, June 26, 2009

A Pen with Personality for Pesky Notes

Letter writers are, alas, a dying breed. With the advance of email, evites, texts and all other technological communications, the art of the letter (indeed, even the art of good handwriting) is as rare as finding a brontosaurus sampling your hydrangeas in your backyard.

But everyone still has to write thank you notes (we haven't become that uncivilized, not yet). And this beautifully designed pen helps to do it with style. It may look like a nicely shaped red ballpoint, but the novelty is on the end: hanko. Hanko, for those not in the know, is a Japanese stamp used to imprint important documents and communications. You can choose for your thank you note writer (really, a perfect gift for the bride) between an asterisk, a heart, or a pointing hand. This pen is really cool and reasonably priced, especially compared to fancy pens from other companies (we all know what those are).

Locate the hanko pen at Then let your letter writer make her mark, all over the place.

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