Friday, June 19, 2009

Ice Cubes Looking Round

Ah, the drinkophile. They study the bartending books like sacred texts, own every type of liquor known to man, and often try to ply you with esoteric drinks involving rye whiskey and gin. They're a hangover wrapped in a pretty friend package, but you love them anyway. And now, it's time to add to their alcoholic gadgets.

Yes, they're called ice cubes for a reason, because they're square. Except for these cubes, which are, well, looking quite round (no, not looking 'round, ice cubes have no eyes, at least not until the fifth drink). Trust the Japanese to come up with a more efficient ice cube: its spherical shape actually gives it less surface area to volume ratio, which means the "cube" melts more slowly. The result? Less diluted drinks, always a plus with the cocktail obsessed.

Locate these icy sphere molds at Send them, then get an invite for one stiff drink. Old fashioned glasses NOT included.

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