Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catch a Wasp and Never Let It Go

Outdoor eating season is upon us. The smell of barbeque, the icy drinks, the squealing children are all so fabulous. But here's what's NOT fabulous about outdoor eating: the bugs.

Especially the ones that sting. Like wasps and their nasty cousins, yellowjackets. They're enough to make you mad as a hornet. And forget those poisonous sprays, since who wants those all over the foodstuffs. This attractive Wasp Catcher is the answer (and a great barbeque hostess gift as well). Using plain old sugar water, the Catcher attracts and traps greedy insects for good, keeping them out of mischief. Plus, these things are made of recycled glass and are actually pretty (although perhaps less pretty when filled with angry, buzzing bugs).

I suppose you're free to experiment with the bait. Like packing the thing full of ham with mayo on white to catch a completely different type of Wasp. That, my friend, is up to you. Find these very reasonable cookout savers (just $13) at

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