Monday, June 22, 2009

Making a Croc of Cocktails.

This entry isn't a gushy recommendation. This is more of a revenge hostess gift, perfect for the party held by people you don't like, who'd you'd just as soon never see again. This gift just might ensure a complete party ban for you, but at least you'll be laughing.

You know about Crocs. God, who doesn't? The hideous shoes simply meant for waddling to the beach and back (thus offending only sea gulls, and they're already so offensive that it really doesn't matter) have somehow become a part of popular culture. Crocs are everywhere, in every blinding bright color, displaying their plastic awfulness in a shameless fashion. And with these cocktail coasters, Crocs have invaded cocktail hour, too. I barely have words for how tasteless these things are. Not only because they are Crocs, but because in using them, you're resting something you're going to place in your mouth inside a sweaty little shoe. Gross.

Not only will these Croc coasters guarantee party ineligibility (at least where that hostess is concerned), they're also on sale. Why pay a lot for bad taste? Order at

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