Monday, June 8, 2009

Delivering the Message

Remember back when you had roommates? And one (normally your best friend) was also a note-leaver. As in leaving little notes everywhere for other roommates, making requests and subtle complaints. The passive aggressive action was enough to drive you mad. She was almost strangled on several occasions.

Well, here's a fabulous gift for your passive aggressive buddy. These books, Passive Aggressive Notes and Your Mother Doesn't Work Here, are collections (compiled by Kerry Miller) of this peculiar form of communication from the office space to the living space, to, perhaps, deep space. After all, the passive aggressive note dropper lurks wherever people might be behaving badly. This would also make an excellent gift for a loather of passive aggressive notes, to be displayed prominently in their cubicle as a notification of a lack of tolerance for PA BS.

Find these wonderful books on Make a note of it.

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