Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wooly Pockets for Weetle Plants

Gardening is an endless task. And there's always something new for the dedicated gardener to tackle, like, say, vertical wall gardens. Hanging gardens are an ancient idea (think of the original hanging gardens, one of the seven wonders of the world), but seem like they'd need some feat of engineering to pull them off. Not anymore.

Say hello to Wooly Pocket, the new container system for ambitious gardeners. Each container (the Wooly Pocket) is a soft, flexible enclosure for groups of plants. When mounted on the wall (their site gives excellent instructions), the pockets keep moisture away from the wall but still allow the plant to breathe. They're available in both floor models (The Meadow) and wall mounted versions (Wooly Wallys), so you can double your wooly planting enjoyment. And, the Wooly Pockets are made of 100% green materials, for a truly green garden.

Wooly Pockets are pretty reasonably priced, too, so you can purchase a three wall mount set for your favorite green thumb. I'm sure a hanging garden fit for a Babylonian princess is in their future. Find out all about Wooly Pockets at

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