Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nail Art Snob

You might be wandering around with ragged cuticles and trailer trash chipping on your toes, but I guarantee you your mani/pedi obsessed friend isn't. You know the one: she always has the latest, greatest shade (first to sport OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress), and even if she dresses in rags, her nails are picture perfect.

May I suggest these nail color sets. The lacquer company StrangeBeautiful bases their shades more on artwork and architecture rather than on locale and silliness. These two collections aren't ordinary colors. They're colors nabbed from Warhol prints and Albers tones. And all the colors are just slightly off, transforming them into true nail art. Plus, there's no snotty labeling or cutesy names, just lovely little bottles in a lucite box (so nice displayed on a vanity).

Thus far, the only place to purchase the StrangeBeautiful libraries is at And that fact doesn't surprise me one bit.

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