Friday, December 3, 2010

Bake Cheese, Not War

When it comes to diets around this time of year, you might as well declare war on them and just go to town. This could mean suffocating on a bushel of cookie crumbs, or drowning in the vat of nog present in every holiday party corner.

But I have a better way. If you're going to blow the diet to hell, why not add some nutrition to it? I'm talking some hearty, heavy, gloppy good baked cheese. Hear me out: cheese has important things a body needs, like calcium and protein, that you won't get from those sugary treats. And you lactose intolerant folk can chill out, since cheese, being fermented, contains NO lactose (power of suggestion much?). There's ways aplenty to enjoy melted cheese, but these "farm country cheese bakers" are most effective. You can choose between a goat cheese or a brie version; just slap the whole cheese in the crock and toss it in the oven for an easy holiday starter.

At just $29 each, these bakers make terrific hostess gifts. Combine it with a good hunk of cheese and a loaf of superior bread, and you could just be the life of the party (or the cheesiest guest). Find them at Napa Style.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, Helene at Ige here! Can't find your email link. Got a lamb nodder for ya! And our holiday party is tomorrow. Email me if you want me to hold the lamby... :) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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