Sunday, December 26, 2010

Keep Calm and Light Up

Congratulations! The holidays are officially behind us (except for New Year's Eve, anyway). Today is the day of recovery. Recovery from relatives and bad family juju, recovery from eating twice your weight in cookies, recovery from the three bottles of mediocre red wine you drank two days ago.

Unfortunately, sometimes it's hard to recover. Once worked into a frenzy, the adrenalin keeps pumping for a good long time. For instance, all my relatives are now gone, but my kitchen floor is encrusted with a combination of ragu sauce and poundcake crumbs, there's leftovers everywhere that I will never eat, and there appears to be tape attached to the cat. The Brits, in that now sadly ubiquitous poster, say "Keep Calm and Carry On." But I say, light up this Jonathan Adler Earl Grey Tea candle and settle in with some music and a good book for the afternoon instead. Screw the ragu, and let the cat figure out her own body issues. You need a break, and this heavenly, relaxing scent will help, I promise.

You also could pick up some of these candles for New Year's Eve hostess gifts; I think they're just the ticket for dealing with the demise of 2010. Find them at Jonathan Adler and breathe deep.

1 comment:

Christina Simon said...

You summarized my post-holiday recovery perfectly!!! Now all I need is this soothing candle to finish my recovery.