Sunday, December 5, 2010

Charge It on the Run

While I like to err on the side of impracticality when buying gifts (figuring that people won't ever indulge in that fancy product or funny shirt for themselves), there are times when practicality is in order. Especially if you have a constant traveler on your gift list.

Travel is now so complex (airport body cavity searches aside) that it's amazing anyone ever leaves the house in any state of grace. There's always something left behind. This on the go charging station and carrying case might help relieve some of that travel forgetfulness. Holding up to three electronic items (like an iPod, a phone, and a Nintendo), this handy case consolidates the charging cords, creates a three outlet option, and keeps the things all upright whilst charging. It's pretty genius. And did I mention that it also holds all these devices securely, so it's easy to see whether they've been packed or not; a centralized location is always preferable to stuff scattered about a briefcase.

This charging station is inexpensive (at around $25), but it fulfills such noble purposes that it could be listed at twice the price. Find it at G.U.S. (Great Useful Things).

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