Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some of Their Beeswax

The holidays are here! Whether it's the first night of Chanukah or the beginning of the chocolate filled Advent calendar, the holidays have arrived. From now until after the New Year, you will be in a flurry of activity, either through parties and family revelry, or just dealing with your bored kids off from school.

This is a gift that will give you some peace, and put the little pests to work. This Beeswax Candle Rolling kit offers a wholesome activity that's relatively no fuss, no muss. With supplies for making up to 24 colorful candles, your kids (or someone else's kids) can help contribute to the holiday table settings AND do something that doesn't involve a remote control or going to the freezing cold park. The directions do say there needs to be adult supervision, but the Toad suspects it's minimal. And just think: nothing to spill!

At just $20, this is an excellent way to spend a quiet hour or two over the holiday season. At Magic Cabin.

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