Monday, December 13, 2010

Great Gift, Good Deal for Next Three Days

So what was that? You haven't been holiday shopping all year, storing choice gifts in a magic closet? You're not DONE? What's wrong with you???

No worries. There's still time to shop for holiday gifts, even online (although the clock is ticking on that). Some online venues are still offering free shipping, too. Like Filson. Filson is a totally old school hunting and fishing gear catalog. The company also makes truly indestructible bags; I think their bags make Land's End bags look like plastic baggies. For men, a Filson bag (like the Field Bag briefcase pictured here) is a fabulous gift, the perfect blend of utility and cool. Buy the guy one of these and it'll look the same for years and years. These bags aren't cheap; the one pictured is around $175, but if you compare that to other, less well designed but trendy messengers online you'll see it's really a bargain.

For the next three days, Filson is offering FREE shipping. And the present will be delivered by Christmas. Go to Filson and read all about it.

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